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Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning

At A. Cooper, we believe in only installing the best equipment for our customers. In our opinion from years spent installing and servicing equipment, Mitsubishi offers the best equipment, support, and technical training.  We are proud to offer our customers Mitsubishi's latest green heat pump technology for heating and air-conditioning. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, we provide longer warranties and deliver superior installation and service to our customers. A. Cooper installs both ducted and ductless mini splits. 

Why consider a heat pump? With rising and unstable oil and natural gas costs, the State of Vermont has pushed forward initiatives over the past few years to install green heating systems that are not reliant on fossil fuels. Coupled with the ability to provide air conditioning during the ever-warmer summer months as well, mini split and ducted split systems are being installed at a growing pace. By installing a split system, you are not only benefitting from the thousands of dollars of rebates, but you are also contibuting to a greener future so our future generations can enjoy Vermont as much as we have.

What are the rebates avaliable to me? There are typically 3 monetary incentives; Your local power company, Efficiency Vermont, and a Federal Tax Credit. We typically expect each customer will receive $2-$ 4,000 in rebates/tax incentives.

Do we Install/Service other heat pumps besides Mitsubishi? Yes, our team has installed Daiken, Fujitsu, and other brands of heat pumps along with servicing them!

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